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Alopecia simply means hair loss and is defined as a complete or partial lack of hair in areas where hair normally grows. There are many causes for this in all breeds of dog including whippets , too numerous to list here but please see the link to common causes of hair loss in the left hand panel. Causes can range from infections, stress and allergies to parasites and fungal disease.


There are distinct differences between cases of alopecia in which grown hair fibers are lost, those in which stumps of hair fibers remain, and those in which the hair root itself is shed from the hair follicle.


For the purpose of this site we will concentrate on the more unusual ones restricted to just a few breeds including whippets.Those mentioned below are all considered to be hereditary consequently affected dogs should not be bred and care taken when breeding from relatives




Covered in autoimmune page here


This would be the most common cause of hair loss and as such is mentioned here, a simple Thyroid Test would rule out this as a possible cause, whippets are known to be affected by Hypothyroidism


It is unsightly rather than causing the dog major problems although secondary infection can be present which needs Vetinary treatment


Colour  dilution/mutant alopecia


This condition affects whippets with either blue (dilute black) or fawn coat colours. Hair begins to thin at around 6 months of age, secondary infections can occur. There is no treatment for the primary hair loss but antibiotics will treat any secondary infection



Pattern Alopecia (Pattern Baldness)


Hair loss occurs in specific areas, usually the abdomen,temples, throat and backs of thighs. There is no treatment for this.



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