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Whippet Health

a resource for whippet owners & breeders

Support and Help Resouces

If you have any worries about the health of your whippet it should be worthwhile ringing your breeder for support and advice.  They may have experience of your problem with a dog in the past or know of another whippet breeder who has.


Unfortunately not all breeders are helpful or knowledgeable but there are plenty of people from whom you can get advice and support.  This page is here to provide a gateway to those people with good information who have  a desire to share it with whippet owners in need of help and advice.


If you contact us we will  try to put you in touch with someone who has experience of your problem.

 With an ever-increasing fund of veterinary knowledge, it has become impossible for any individual vet to remain up-to-date and expert at everything. In order to anticipate and meet the needs of patients and clients, the UK veterinary profession has evolved a system of 'veterinary referral'. By considering a referral of your animal to a colleague, your vet is ensuring that the patient can benefit from the best of diagnosis and treatment that the profession has to offer.


You may think that your whippet needs referring, don't be afraid to ask your vet about it and to do some research yourself on the best clinics around. It can be worth driving a few extra miles to get a really good specialist with experience of whippets.  Contact us for further information on specialist practices.


Referral can be expensive, so pet health insurance is a real benefit in these cases


Referral to a specialist Veterinary Clinic

Feedback  on Help


From the owner of Wilf a whippet with Auto-immune disease


I just wanted to say what a help you and your website have been together with the yahoo groups recommended by you. Wilf our 7 year old whippet ,suffers from a lifelong auto immune problem which has required very careful treatment and monitoring. Some of the problems encountered have been as a result of his auto immune condition, while others have been caused as a result of the steroid medication he is on to suppress his immune system. I have found your website and yourself, together with the people on the yahoo group, to do with auto immune problems in dogs, to be very supportive and knowledgeable.

In our time with Wilf it has become clear to me that this condition is not fully understood by vets, some more so than others & I found the advice given to me by yourself and others in the “same boat” to be very useful in enabling me to ensure Wilf has the correct treatment. I have also found it useful as a support to know, we are not alone!

I submitted Wilf’s DNA  following  a request by yourself, to take and submit his DNA so that this problem can be “bred out” in the long term. I feel this is a very positive step.

Thanks for the help

Jon & Alison Penrith with  Wilf (that's him on the left)



From a whippet owner with a bitch diagnosed as sufferring from IBS

Just spoken to the lady you suggested, what a lovely person. She understood all that we’ve been through with our girl, as when we compared notes both dogs were very alike with their symptoms. She gave me diet ideas and recommended a book. Thanks for that. It’s given back a lot of hope for her future.  BR



From the owner of Amber, a whippet with an immune condition

The information you sent was forwarded to the vet and in my opinion gave them a boost to find out what was going on with her immune system, they told me that they were using the information as a process of elimination and that they had researched the problem further after receiving it.


The detailed email you sent has proved to be invaluable as Amber is now on the road to full recovery thanks to you and your site.





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