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Finding a Whippet Puppy


If you are looking for a puppy you will first need to find a breeder, and you need to choose wisely. There are many whippet litters bred and not all of them are reared with the care and love that you might hope for so it is important to check out the breeder carefully.


Some breeders keep their growing puppies in kennels and others in the house. Either is fine and you can tell a great deal by looking at the puppies living quarters, are they clean, is there fresh paper down for them to pee on, is the water bowl full and spotless.


This is what you should expect  when you visit a breeder to look for a puppy:


~ Clean, plump, happy puppies in a clean environment.


~ the mother of the puppies looking fit and well with clean teeth and short nails.


~ KC papers for the mother should be available if you want to see them


~ Puppies must be Micro-chipped before leaving and the paperwork provided


~ If you have been told that health tests have been carried out on the parents you should be able to see certificates for them.


~ You should be asked a great many questions about your circumstances so that the breeder is able to ascertain your suitability as an owner.


~Any questions that you have should be thoughtfully and clearly answered.


~You should be informed of any endorsements that will be made on the registration certificate




This is what a GOOD breeder will do for you if you decide to buy a puppy:



~Supply a KC registration document & pedigree


~Micro-chip puppy and provide you with paperwork


~Give you free insurance


~Give details of the puppy's worming regime and the product used.


~Supply detailed puppy notes to help you with your growing puppy with advice on socialisation, training, excercise & immunisation.


~Give advice on feeding and a supply of food to last a few days


~Give you a lesson in nail clipping so that you are confident to do it yourself.


~If you are having a male puppy you should be told if he is entire or if he is missing a testicle.


~Give a lifetime guarantee that the breeder will take the dog back or help to rehome if you are unable to keep him yourself for ANY reason




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