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Whippet Health

a resource for whippet owners & breeders

The Older Whippet


Whippets can live to a ripe old age, many reaching 15 years or more. Dogs as old as 19 have been known although this is extremely rare.


When your whippet becomes elderly he or she will need a gentler lifestyle, they may not want to go for long walks preferring to doze in the sun on a cozy couch between the times when nutritious snacks and meals are served.


It is a good idea to get your older whippet regularly checked by the vet for any medical conditions that may be nipped in the bud if discovered early on.


Older dogs may need to urinate more frequently particularly at night so paper may be needed, although a really cosy thick bed, in other words the best sofa, can keep them asleep for longer.


You may need to feed your older whippet in a different way, they may need three or four small meals throughout the day and you may wish to change the type of food they eat.


Old whippets feel the cold so will need a snug coat to wear on frosty mornings and if  your house is on the chilly side they may appreciate a fleece jacket at night too.

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