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Whippet Health

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Whippet First Aid


This site is not designed to be a general canine health site, therefore regular dog problems will not be a part of it but there are some accidents and injuries which occur rather more frequently in whippets due to their speed and prey drive. The notes below and links tio the left should be of help with these. We also give you a first aid kit suggestion list, important advice on poisons and on controlling temperature if your dog is ill.


Basic First Aid Kit


-thermometer (and gel)

-bandages/vet wrap

-blunt-ended scissors

-wound wash

-cotton wool


-tick tweezers

-wound dressings

-self-adhesive tape


-vinyl gloves

-foil blanket

-antiseptic wipes

-vet's phone number



You may want to carry a kit in your car & maybe keep a bandage in the pocket of your walking jacket. If you have ever been in the middle of nowhere with an injured bleeding whippet you will probably have already taken this precaution.



Temperature control


If your whippet is poorly it may well have a temperature, if this is the case it is vital to keep a very close eye on the progress of any temperature increase. Take the dog's temperature regularly and keep a chart of it to show your vet. You may need to take steps to cool your whippet, remember that a high temperature can quickly kill a dog. Use ice packs wrapped in a cloth, wet cold towels and a fan to keep the temperature down until you can get veterinary attention. Dogs with auto immune illnesses often run high temperatures for several days. You will need to be extra vigilant, even if they are on temperature reducing medication such as rimadyl. It is a good idea to take steps to keep the dog hydrated, maybe with with syringes of water administered gently and slowly if he won't drink.


The average temperature of a healthy dog is 101 °F or 38 °C, however, the normal temperature of a healthy dog may range from 99 °F to 102.5 °F (37.2 °C–39.2 °C).

You should know the normal temperature of your whippet when he is well. It is a good idea to take it and keep a note of it.


Since dogs don't have sweat glands other than those located in their pads, they pant in order to reduce their body temperature.  As everyone knows a dog can easily get heatstroke if it's in an unventilated environment such as a car parked in the sun where panting will not be helpful in reducing temperature.





Many items found around the average

home are poisonous to whippets. Even

some of the foods that we eat and

enjoy are lethal to our dogs.









Advice on Whippet injuries

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